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Willis Pharmacy has now installed MedPoint’s at two of their pharmacies, both have resulted in additional patients and benefits to staff and the surrounding community.

As an ambitious small pharmacy group, Willis Pharmacy has now installed MedPoint’s at two of their pharmacies, Wallacewell Road and Clydebank, to enhance customer and patient experience.

Both installations have been very well received, with each pharmacy gaining additional patients and time. Along with demand relief for staff.

Hi Craig, could you tell us about Willis Pharmacy?

Founded just over 15 years ago by Keith Willis, Willis Pharmacy is a family-run group of 5 pharmacies located across Scotland. The pharmacies are owned by Keith and his wife Heather, who purchased and managed their first pharmacy in Scotstoun back in 2006.

Willis Pharmacy are committed to quality customer care and offer a highly flexible, family friendly service. Keith is really dedicated to continuously improving our services and embracing automation to do so.

How did you first hear about MedPoint?

We actually met MedPoint during the early days! The machine was still a concept and co-founders Kevin and Mark were finalising their ideas. We were interested in what they were thinking of developing and kept them in mind.

We then saw the MedPoint team at the Pharmacy Show back in 2019, which sparked further interest. We’d started to look at a competitor product around this time and were keen to view a MedPoint machine to compare.

What made you decide to automate the dispensing process?

Willis Pharmacy has always been open to automation, Keith recognises how automated processes can streamline and improve services, as well as making them safer. We’ve always viewed automation as a way of enhancing patient and customer experience, not as a way to reduce our staff numbers.

I’m always thinking of pharmacy processes, where things could potentially go wrong and what can be done to prevent errors. When we saw the MedPoint, I felt it was a much safer option in comparison to the alternative product we’d viewed, as it scanned the prescription barcode for you, further eliminating the chance of human error.

Alongside the improved safety advantage, automating the dispensing process helps us gain additional value for our team and patients, as well as over our competitors.

How did you find the training process?

It was really informative, and the MedPoint team took the time to explain everything we needed to know. They were also available for follow-up questions and have continued to support us since the installations were finalised.

How did your employees react?

We involved the teams at both pharmacies, showing them pictures and information on MedPoint from the time we ordered the machines.

The past year has been stressful for all pharmacies, and the pandemic has been a lot for our staff to work through and deal with. They were really excited for the installations and recognised that the machine would help relieve some of the demand they were experiencing.

They also recognised that the machines would help us focus time on delivering other services and give patients more options. The staff at the pharmacies without a MedPoint keep asking us when they can have one installed, they’re all really keen to use the machines!

How did your patients react?

The response has been good at both pharmacies, our patients were onboard, and we’ve had absolutely no complaints!

Have you gained any new patients because of the installations?

We have new patients using each of the machines. We’ve noticed the machines have been helpful to hospital staff in the local area, as they can collect around their shifts.

How’re you reinvesting time that you’re saving on dispensing prescriptions?

We’re able to focus on providing both new NHS services and private services with the additional time we’ve gained. Due to the MedPoint and recent fit-outs, both pharmacies are generally a lot more organised now which has made it far easier to focus on other tasks.

Both pharmacies are starting to get busier again, so we may need to look at the addition of another MedPoint somewhere in the future.

To your business overall, what are the top 3 benefits of installing a MedPoint?

The MedPoint machines definitely help us stand out against competitors! It’s a real conversation starter.

They help us offer patients convenience, whilst meaning we can cater for more people and their needs. Including shift workers and those who may not be able to stay at home waiting for larger prescription deliveries. People can simply call by at a time that works for them.

They also help us improve safety at both pharmacies, the machines auto scan and leave a track record which helps minimise the risk of human error.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your experience?

The machines have been a bit of a saviour really, they’ve helped take the pressure off our staff and have given our patients more options!

We’ll definitely consider additional installations in the future and have been really accommodating of anyone who’s wanted to call in and see the machine in action.

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