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What is MedPoint?

MedPoint is a British-made prescription collection point that provides a safe, quick and secure way for patients to collect their repeat prescription or medicine orders, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Automating prescription collection through MedPoint gives your patients convenience, whilst increasing customer loyalty and freeing up pharmacists’ time.

How does MedPoint work?



Package each prescription as normal. Scan the PMR barcode label to link it to the patient details in the MedPoint portal.



Place the prescription bag on any vacant MedPoint shelf. MedPoint auto-scans the bag and links the prescription with the shelf number.



The patient receives an automated text with their unique MedPoint collection PIN.



When they’re ready, the patient goes to MedPoint, enters their PIN and collects their prescription.

Install a MedPoint in your pharmacy.

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How can MedPoint benefit your pharmacy?

MedPoint can help your pharmacy to increase efficiency and capacity, improve patient safety and enhance the overall customer experience.

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MedPoint is helping us to alleviate pressure on the NHS and provide the best possible access to patients in the new normal.

Claire Langan, Abbey Field Pharmacy

Save time and resource

Automate prescription collections to release staff capacity and patient waiting times.

Improve patient safety

Utilise the latest technology to improve patient safety on many levels.

Increase customer satisfaction

Give patients more convenience, increase customer loyalty and attract new customers.


Configure MedPoint to suit available space, and integrate with e-commerce platforms.

Boost business resilience

Help your pharmacy to stand out over online competitors or 100-hour pharmacies.


Robust British engineering

MedPoint has been designed in the UK, working closely with pharmacists. Thanks to robust British engineering, every aspect has been built for longevity and reliability.

This tried and tested British engineered technology has handled over 300,000 transactions over the last 5 years in other fields of use.

Robust Design

All metal casing with robust anti-tamper design


All machines have CCTV as well as an alarm as standard

PMR Validation

Autoscanning of PMR barcodes speeds up loading an minimises human error

Instant Notifications

Automated SMS system for patient collection notifications

Cloud Security

Adaptable cloud management portal designed for easy API integration

Safe Payment

Online or contactless card payment facility

Temperature Checks

Calibrated temperature log with fully automated audit trail


Three MedPoint size options available as well as freestanding SOLO range

Easy To Install

Easy installation – standard 240V power supply and internet connectivity via LAN or 4g simcard


Adjustable shelving for range of prescription bag sizes

Battery back-up

Back-up power source to ensure current transactions can complete in event of a power-cut

Service Visits

6 monthly service visits and proactive remote monitoring

Our Vision

The traditional pharmacy business model continues to see disruption from online and omnichannel competitors as well as changes to funding models. Our vision is to support innovative pharmacy operators shape the future of pharmacy by bringing prescription collection into the digital age.

Automating prescription collection offers convenience to busy patients who struggle to get to your pharmacy during opening hours. At the same time, it brings solutions to business challenges such as physical distancing, business continuity, rising costs and significant changes to NHS funding.

Stop your patients looking elsewhere, improve patient satisfaction and safety by equiping your pharmacy business for growth with MedPoint.

Innovative Technology

MedPoint is an innovative prescription collection robot designed and built in the UK in partnership with pharmacists, for pharmacists.

Whilst new and cutting-edge, MedPoint fits seamlessly into your existing pharmacy workflows using PMR barcode technology and packaging.

Every aspect of the machine has been engineered to the highest standard of reliability.


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