Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of our frequently asked questions about MedPoint. Looking for something else or need a bit more information? Feel free to contact the team on the link below, we’d be happy to help.

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  • Is this safe and secure?

    Absolutely! We have spent over 2 years developing the MedPoint with our UK manufacturing partner to ensure we meet stringent GPHC pharmacy standards and ensure drugs are stored securely. We have used cutting edge barcode technology to ensure that the right medicine goes to the right person every time in line with the UK Scan4Safety initiative.

    The all metal construction of the MedPoint and range of security features ensures medicines are kept secure at all times.

  • What about patients that pay for prescriptions, can they use MedPoint?
    Yes! The collection point has optional contactless card as well as coin & note payment modules.
  • How are exemptions handled?

    Advances with real time exemption checking (RTEC) via EPS2 as well as age exemptions mean the vast majority of orders do not require this. For the minority of orders that do patients are asked to self-declare their exemption online beofre receiving their collection pin as part of the order fulfillment process, providing the pharmacy with a full digital audit trail.

  • How much time do patients have to collect medicines once loaded?

    This is configurable by the pharmacy to help optimise capacity.

    Our data shows that on average, patients collect within 2 days of the notification without any prompting. This means prescriptions can be claimed for reimbursement sooner, helping your cash-flow.

  • What about cold chain items?

    We have solutions for cold chain collection if required with our SOLO range of freestanding MedPoints.

    Get in touch to discuss this solution further.

  • Are any drugs not allowed to be collected in this way?

    The method of delivery of medicines to patients is a matter of discretion for the Superintendent Pharmacist and should be in line with relevant GPHC guidance. There are additional legal restrictions governing schedule 2 controlled drugs.

    Pharmacy delivery services operate in a range of ways across the UK and need to provide a robust audit trail for the delivery of all orders.  Some of these services routinely include postal or courier  “signed-for” delivery of controlled drugs to enable delivery to the patient’s address. MedPoint enables delivery to the patient via the digital collection audit trail.

    In general these items represent a small minority of UK repeat prescription orders but get in touch if you would like to discuss further how the MedPoint fulfillment process can meet your requirements.

  • Will I be able to reduce staff levels?

    The number of prescription items community pharmacy dispense is growing year on year so MedPoint aims to help pharmacies manage that workload more efficiently, give your patients more control over when they get their medicines & will hopefully mean your staff have more time to spend on other important tasks like advising patients who most need face-to-face care.

    Dispensing processes need to adapt to cope with rising demand and reduced funding. We believe that releasing capacity for higher value tasks such as accuracy checking & embracing more lucrative clinical service based opportunities is key to a thriving pharmacy business going forward.

  • How much does it cost to install MedPoint?

    Each project is different, we provide a range of solutions to meet the individual needs of each of our customers, from integrated ATM-style MedPoints to the freestanding SOLO model.

    Get in touch for an initial no-obligation discussion of your needs and we can then put a bespoke detailed proposal together for you.

  • What is the size of a MedPoint machine?

    There are a range of sizes and solutions. Overall dimensions can be found on our features page.