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Advancing pharmacy services is at the core of everything we do.


We take pride in designing and building cutting-edge prescription collection solutions right here in the UK, working hand in hand with pharmacists to ensure our products meet their unique needs.


Our iSeries offers integrated excellence.

Available in three sizes, you can choose the solution that fits best with your prescription capacity and location.

Unit Width980mm1280mm1580mm

* Prescription Bags

** Items per month (based on average of 3 items per order and a 24 hr collection window)

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Designed with precision and foresight, a testament to our commitment to efficiency and adaptability in healthcare services.

As healthcare continues to evolve, MedPoint’s SOLO 2 sets a new standard for innovation in prescription collection services.

By enabling swift deployment with minimal infrastructure adjustments, it not only meets the immediate demands of healthcare providers but also positions itself as a forward-thinking solution that anticipates and adapts to the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry.

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MedPoint API

Your gateway to effortless integration.

Designed to empower you to seamlessly incorporate our cutting-edge 24/7 collection technology into your product or customer journey.

Harness the power of our renowned 24/7 collection technology, ensuring round-the-clock accessibility to prescription services for your users.


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What our customers say

"The SOLO has been revolutionary for us. It has provided a solution to many pain points. I honestly believe that if there is capital and the space available, every Trust should consider installing a MedPoint, it really does make a huge difference to patients and staff."

Steve Simpson

Bolton Hospital

"Out of all the machines, MedPoint is the safest and most efficient. The amount of time to load 100 packages is incomparable to other solutions, MedPoint truly outperforms them."

Bernadette Brown

Cadham Pharmacy

"We’re able to focus on providing both new NHS services and private services with the additional time we’ve gained. Due to the MedPoint and recent fit-outs, both pharmacies are generally a lot more organised now which has made it far easier to focus on other tasks."

Craig Murdoch

Willis Pharmacy

"The MedPoint system has given us so much time back. As time goes on there are less queues and more people using the machine, so it’s working really well for everyone."

Bryan Kydd

Ashludie Pharmacy

"MedPoint has really added value for my patients. It’s saving them having to queue up and they can collect at any anytime, at their convenience."

Mandeep Rauli

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital