Pharmacy Spotlight:

Totley Pharmacy utilises MedPoint and Pharmacy Mentor partnership

Key Stats:

  • 1400+ sign ups
  • 27,000+ items dispensed
  • 50 hours of staff time saved weekly
  • 2nd busiest MedPoint machine in England
  • 125,000 people reached with Pharmacy Mentor Facebook ads


About Totley Pharmacy

Totley Pharmacy owner Tajinder Singh wanted to provide more services to his patients, and advise more patients in general. However, the time spent finding prescriptions was distracting the team from being able to this.

Tajinder decided to install a MedPoint to combat this issue and to provide a better, more convenient service to patients, whilst improving the working environment for his staff. The team also utilised our partnership with Pharmacy Mentor to promote their machine to the local community to attract new patients and increase patient numbers.

We caught up with Tajinder to find out more about how MedPoint has changed things for his pharmacy.

What were the main challenges you were facing?

We wanted to offer more services and advise patients, but we were wasting far too much time looking for prescriptions. This was quite often for prescriptions that were not ready.

As well as being inefficient, the old system created a lot of stress, and unhappy patients.

What’re the main benefits of your MedPoint?

The main one is definitely the time saved, we save hours of staff time every week. Within the first 6 months, we were saving 45 hours a week and within the last 6 months we’re now saving over 50 hours.

That time is now spent offering more consultations and other services that we didn’t have resource to do before. We are able to offer a more complete pharmacy service as Medpoint is far more efficient at locating prescriptions than humans.

Our patients are definitely happier, they no longer have wasted trips to our pharmacy as they get a text to say their prescription is ready in the MedPoint.

We have much shorter queues in general and patients who do need consultations don’t need to wait as long. Overall it’s generally much calmer around the pharmacy and far less stressful for my team.

You’ve been very proactive in promoting your MedPoint and engaged with Pharmacy Mentor to support, tell us more about this.

Once you’ve installed a MedPoint your next step is to maximise the benefits so you can get a quicker return on your investment.

The MedPoint team supplied us with their MedPoint Marketing Toolkit which helped us outline the key benefits to our existing patients.

We knew there would be lots of people that found collecting their medication from a MedPoint would be more convenient than coming into the pharmacy. So we created promotional videos to show people why they should sign up. In general, our goal was to sign up as many existing patients as we could to make life easier for them.

With my close relationship to Sheffield United, I was able to ask our captain, Billy Sharp, to make a promotional video for me. This video was very well received, and a great way to grab attention when promoting our MedPoint. This seems to work far better than print promotions.

We utilised MedPoint’s partnership with Pharmacy Mentor to reach potential new patients too.

Pharmacy Mentor helped us set up Facebook adverts to reach a much wider audience. The adverts reached over 125,000 people within a 5-mile radius of our pharmacy and resulted in 86 leads, 5000 website clicks and over 4000 engagements. The team really helped us spread the word about MedPoint and we have secured new patients as a result.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about working with MedPoint and Pharmacy Mentor?

With both MedPoint and Pharmacy Mentor, you get to speak with the team straight away and both really understand your objectives as a pharmacy owner.

They work with you to achieve your goals and do what’s promised straight away. I feel other pharmacies will definitely benefit from the partnership.

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