3 Reasons Why Pharmacies Are Offering 24/7 Prescription Collection

24/7 automated prescription collection machines are on the increase across the UK. So why are pharmacy owners expanding their service offering with the addition of 24/7 collections?

Within this blog, we’ll explore 3 reasons why, along with the advantages 24/7 prescription collection brings to pharmacies, their customers, and patients.

Customer satisfaction

One of the main reasons pharmacy owners decide to offer 24/7 prescription collection is to increase customer satisfaction levels and enhance the patient experience

The need for flexibility has never been higher. With the relaxing of Covid-19 measures, people across the UK have returned to office work, educational environments, and for many families, the daily school run.

For these very reasons, many of your potential customers may not be able to access your pharmacy except at times when your doors are closed. And if your doors are closed, there’s a high chance they’ll go elsewhere.

Offering 24-hour collections increases satisfaction levels because your customers can pick up their medicine when it suits them.

Not to mention the fact that your pharmacy team can spend less time retrieving dispensed prescriptions, meaning less queues and quicker collection times.

Competitive edge

As we’ve already mentioned, if your pharmacy is closed, there’s a chance your prospective customers will go elsewhere to collect their prescriptions.

It’s difficult to compete with larger high-street names, supermarkets, and online services that often have the resources to stay open outside of the usual 9-5pm.

By installing a 24/7 collection point into an existing shopfront, pharmacy owners can offer prescriptions at all hours without the need to extend opening times or hire additional team members.

Many community pharmacies benefit from convenient locations, which prospective customers pass each day on the way to or from home. If there’s a 24/7 prescription collection point on offer, they don’t need to worry about your opening hours or lunch breaks.

Save and reinvest time

With pharmacy staff spending less time retrieving dispensed prescriptions, they can spend time on other valuable tasks.

This could involve offering additional services, taking part in staff training, and spending more quality face to face time with patients who need more in-depth advice or help.

A better experience all around for pharmacy staff and patients!

How does MedPoint help with all of this?

To give you a very quick summary of a few of the benefits:

  • Spend more time with the patients who need face to face care, something that online pharmacies simply cannot offer
  • Spend time on other tasks which add more value to your business
  • Release staffing capacity while improving service and patient safety
  • Improve the patient experience and attract new patients

In recent months, we’re thrilled to announce that

have expanded their service offering to include 24/7 prescription collection with the installation of a MedPoint.

For further advice on 24/7 automated prescription collection please feel free to drop us a line today! We have a free chat service that displays when we’re online. Alternatively, you can email us at:

Save time and resource

Automating prescription collections allows pharmacy staff to spend less time retrieving dispensed prescriptions and reduce patient waiting times.

Increase your market share

Get ahead of the curve and attract new patients by being the first in your area to offer 24/7 prescription collection