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MedPoint machines have dispensed over 1 million prescriptions to date, saving pharmacists over 500,000 minutes.


Choose MedPoint for your pharmacy today to increase efficiency, capacity, improve patient safety and enhance overall customer experience.


Save time every day

Allow your pharmacy team to spend less time organising and retrieving dispensed prescriptions.

  • Release your staffing capacity while boosting service at your pharmacy.
  • Reduce overall patient wait times and queues in your pharmacy.
  • Allocate regained time on tasks which add more value to your business.
  • Spend more time giving quality face to face care to those who need it.

Join the MedPoint family today.

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Gain competitive egde

Give yourself a competitive edge with a solution that doesn’t require extending opening hours or hiring more staff.

  • Reduce your supplementary hours without impacting item numbers.
  • Minimise delivery service cost by converting delivery patients to MedPoint patients.
  • Attract new patients due to convenience.
  • Consolidate loss-making branches and replace with a remote collection point to achieve higher customer retention.

The Super Deduction Tax Scheme: How Can It Benefit Your Pharmacy?

If you’re thinking of investing in new tech or automation, you may be able to benefit from the government’s Super Deduction Tax Scheme, which was recently extended to March 2023.

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Improve patient safety

Utilise the latest technology to improve your overall patient safety.

  • Use of barcode technology and auto-scanning minimises human error.
  • A full audit trail allows you to evidence the highest standards of patient safety for GPHC inspections.
  • Have more time for quality face to face consultations with those who need it.

Retain your patients

Introducing MedPoint gives your patients more convenience and flexibility.

  • Provide for those who can’t pick up their prescriptions during normal opening hours.
  • Increase customer loyalty and help retain customers for longer.
  • Easily service shift workers.

Install a MedPoint in your pharmacy.

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Ashludie Pharmacy MedPoint SOLO

Pharmacy Spotlight

MedPoint SOLO supports Ashludie Pharmacy community

Ashludie Pharmacy installed a MedPoint SOLO to support surrounding communities with a more convenient, accessible way to collect prescriptions.

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Prescription Delivery, Is It Right for My Pharmacy?

Many health care professionals have considered introducing prescription delivery, but how do you know if it’s right for your pharmacy?

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