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Gosberton Medical Centre offer flexibility to patients with MedPoint

The Why?

Gosberton Medical Centre is in the village of Lowgate, Gosberton, Lincolnshire and for over 30 years, as the leading GP practice have been providing services to approximately 8,000 patients across Gosberton and the surrounding areas.

The team comprise of four medical personnel and nine members of the dispensary team.

Set within a village location, operating to such a wide area Gosberton Medical Centre needed a way to better serve their patients, offer them flexibility and convenience whilst also relieving the mounting pressure on the counter and staff.

With opening hours already at the maximum of 08:00am – 6:30pm, having noticed a growing number of patients unable to reach the surgery within opening hours to collect their medication, Gosberton Medical Centre wanted to provide greater flexibility and a better service for patients.

The How?

Dorota Kowynia-Kaczor, Practice Manager and Milena Krusinska, Pharmacy Technician recognised that a prescription collection unit would be the obvious solution to alleviate the pressures faced.

After some market research and deciding a MedPoint SOLO would be the best solution to meet their needs, a business case was presented to the core Practice Management team.

The MedPoint SOLO was installed in June 2023 and integrated with PMR provider EMIS/ProScript. Since installation Gosberton Medical Centre has moved over to System One which MedPoint integrates with seamlessly.

Patient onboarding has snowballed with new patients signing up to retrieve their medication daily.

The Surgery find themselves loading the SOLO which has a capacity of 168 Prescription Bags/15,120 prescription items per month, based on an average of three items per order and a 24-hour collection window multiple times a day to keep up with the demand.

Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Gosberton Medical Centre’s Patient Participation Group aim to work with the practice to provide practical support, to help patients to take more responsibility for their own healthcare.

To provide help and advice in the planning and implementation of services to the benefit of all patients regardless of who they are and to help remove any barriers to all patients being treated equally, fairly and with dignity.

This group have become instrumental in the use of their MedPoint ensuring that the benefits are widely known and understood.

Encouraging use and being patrons themselves. They’ve really led it in terms of the sign-up forms and the marketing and usage and now the GPs will actively discuss the benefits of collecting from the MedPoint making the journey for the patient an even easier one.

Happy Patients, Happy Staff:

Milena “Overall we would absolutely recommend MedPoint. It has saved time, provided flexibility, and given our patients the choice to manage their healthcare better.  We are 100% happy with our MedPoint, I just wish we could have an even bigger one to keep up with the demand.”

From a patient perspective the MedPoint has been a great convenience.

The MedPoint empowers patients to better manage their healthcare and prescription collection, whilst reducing the amount of time staff are at the counter dealing with RX Handouts particularly during intense periods around the holidays.

“Patients are much happier. The MedPoint has given them greater choice to be able to collect their medication as and when required.  After work or after the gym, we have collections at 8:00pm at night or 11:00pm at night. It’s a time that suits the patient”.

The MedPoint allows the dispensary team to better manage workloads and reduces the pressures at the counter.

Training and Support

Milena “We couldn’t be happier with the service received from MedPoint. The Training was efficient and informative, and we really like the chat function on the website should we have any questions.”

Full integration with PMR system EMIS/ProScript and then onto System One, made the automation of Prescription Collection easy and straightforward for the team at Gosberton Medical Centre.

An added benefit and increase of security are the auto scanning of PMR barcodes speeding up loading and minimising human error.

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