Client Story: Cornwell's Chemists

We speak to pharmacist manager Pritpal Grewal of Cornwell’s Chemists about their MedPoint machine and the benefits it’s brought to both patients and staff members.

Tell us about Cornwell’s Chemist

Cornwell’s Pharmacy is located in Great Wyrley, Staffordshire. We’re a busy pharmacy, located approximately 30 minutes away from Birmingham city centre.

How easy was the MedPoint installation process?

It took three days to be installed fully but it was a quick process. We were given everything we’d need, including one on one guidance on how to navigate and use the machine. The MedPoint team has been very helpful and receptive of our feedback.

What made you install the MedPoint machine?

We’re always looking for ways to offer patients and customers a better experience at our pharmacy.

Many of our patients may be commuting to work in the city centre, meaning they’d need to call in and collect a prescription on their way to or from work. Depending on the hours they work, this would generally be outside of our core opening hours. The machine means there’s 24/7 access when they need it.

How has the installation of a MedPoint machine benefitted your patients?

We’re in an area where we have a lot of patients over 60. Initially we weren’t sure how the installation would benefit them as we didn’t know if they’d have mobile phones, but it really has helped.

We’ve found that the MedPoint is enabling care givers to conveniently organise and collect prescriptions on their behalf.

Many of our patients find the machine is a hygienic way for them to collect prescriptions as they can just scan a QR code to make the whole process contactless. They are also benefiting from no longer having to queue as the MedPoint machine offers a quick and convenient way to collect prescriptions.

How has the installation of a MedPoint machine benefitted your staff?

We’re saving time as we’re not having to do any of the administration associated with handing out prescriptions. We still have to prepare the prescriptions as usual, but the machine cuts out the need for us to organise and distribute prescriptions throughout the day. We simply load the prescriptions into the MedPoint machine and it takes care of the rest of it for us.

There’s room for human error when handing out prescriptions, which can lead to more lost time. The machine solves this, as it automatically scans everything twice, ensuring that the correct prescription is assigned to the correct person.

We’re able to reinvest the time we’ve saved into our additional services such as being available to offer patient consultations in our consultation room and administering the Flu and Covid-19 jabs.

The machine also means we have more time to have conversations with the patients who may need a bit more support from our team.

Save time and resource

Automating prescription collections allows pharmacy staff to spend less time retrieving dispensed prescriptions and reduce patient waiting times.

Increase your market share

Get ahead of the curve and attract new patients by being the first in your area to offer 24/7 prescription collection