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Styvechale Pharmacy

We spoke to Super-Intendant Pharmacist, Owner and Director of Styvechale Pharmacy, Pradeep Duggal.

We spoke to Super-Intendant Pharmacist, Owner and Director of Styvechale Pharmacy, Pradeep Duggal about their MedPoint installation and the benefits it’s brought to staff, patients, and customers.

Within the first month of operating a MedPoint machine, the pharmacy added 108 orders, and in the second month they had an additional 230 orders.

Pradeep told us that they’re still receiving lots of new enquiries and signups and hope to continue seeing the figures increase as word continues to spread.

Let’s hear more about Styvechale Pharmacy and the team’s MedPoint experience.

Tell us about Styvechale pharmacy

Styvechale pharmacy is a brick-and-mortar pharmacy based in south Coventry, West Midlands. We’re approximately 5 minutes from the Coventry city centre and being located just off the A46 we aren’t too far from Kenilworth and Leamington Spa either.

Myself and my wife purchased Styvechale pharmacy back in 2005, she’s now taken a step back from the business but is still working within the field.

We’ve grown from a team of 5 to a team of 14, offering the people of Coventry access to a range of services including blood testing, smoking cessation, flu vaccination and now 24-hour prescriptions thanks to MedPoint.

What made you decide to install a MedPoint machine?

We’re always looking for ways to better enhance our customer experiences and understand that some people can find it quite intimidating to enter a pharmacy environment, even without Covid-19.

I was drawn to MedPoint and decided to install a machine over the alternatives based on few factors.

The fact that the machine was British-made appealed to me – I felt it would be easier to receive assistance with a machine which was manufactured here in the UK.

I also like the fact that the MedPoint team has a great track record and are very forward thinking when it comes to pharmacy solutions. It’s good to know that I’m working with a company who’re innovative and have big plans and ideas for the future.

You juggle so many balls within this industry, it can be hard to think about everything. So it’s good to know that the MedPoint team are there to support my pharmacy in the future.

What’s your favourite thing about using a MedPoint?

I like the way MedPoint saves my team time. The way the machines operate and are loaded seems a lot more efficient than other solutions. You can open the machine from the back to stock prescriptions which is convenient, and this also made it much easier for us to train our staff on how to use it.

Then once you’ve loaded the prescriptions and the machine has auto-scanned everything you can cross-reference it on your computer.

How has the installation of a MedPoint machine benefitted your pharmacy?

We offer a blood testing service here at Styvechale, which can see the pharmacy get a little hectic at times. The installation has helped us free up space for those visiting for tests by allowing patients to collect their prescriptions outside.

The machine has also freed up staff time, so they’re able to focus on one-to-one patient advice and having quality conversations with customers in which they can educate them on products and services including MedPoint.

We found the MedPoint marketing toolkit very helpful, and it’s been easy for us to implement some of the suggestions, including the production of leaflets which we attached to prescription bags.

We’re also able to spend more time doing upskilling and training sessions with staff!

How has the installation of a MedPoint machine benefitted your patients?

The machine is that easy to use and discrete, I didn’t even notice that it was in use!

Patients can call at our pharmacy to collect their prescriptions at a time that’s convenient for them – whenever they want or need to. They don’t need to stay at home to wait for a delivery or wait in a queue to collect their prescriptions.

We’ve had some positive feedback from patients on how easy MedPoint is to use. We’re also helping better educate patients on how to use and the benefits of using MedPoint, whilst also letting them know that we’re still here for them if they need us.

It’s important that our customers and patients know that MedPoint is here for their convenience, we’re still open as usual and they can call in to speak to us any time they need to.

Our installation was only finalised in February so we’re still learning alongside our patients!

How has MedPoint been to work with as a company?

Everything has been really straight forward; the team are responsive and come back to us regularly on our questions and queries.

Prior to our installation, I was able to visit another pharmacy who had a MedPoint machine installed to see the machine in action and to learn more.

We had some holdups with our shop fitting as we had to change the whole shop front and window, but MedPoint helped us navigate the logistics, liaised directly with the shop-fitters and helped everything run smoothly. The installation itself was really straightforward!


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