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Bolton NHS Foundation Trust Increase Convenience with MedPoint

After seeing a MedPoint prescription collection unit in action within another Trust, Chief Pharmacist, Steven Simpson was aware of what a MedPoint had to offer and had a unit for the busy Trust on his radar.

With ever growing queues, pressures on the pharmacy team and a commitment to improve patient experience, it became apparent that a solution to ease this pressure was required.

After personally experiencing how inconvenient collecting medication was from his local hospital, with time constraints and working hours, Steven acted and contacted the MedPoint team.

In July 2022 Royal Bolton Hospital installed a MedPoint SOLO in a convenient outdoor location, with its own dedicated parking space, CCTV monitoring and lighting. The team recently celebrated both its One-year anniversary, and 1,000 patient sign ups!

We caught up with Steven to find out more about his experience.

What were the main challenges you were facing?

Initially we were looking for a solution that would improve patient experience whilst we were recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to reduce footfall, queues and added pressures in the pharmacy environment.

By having a MedPoint system outside of the hospital, each patient is empowered to practice self-care and manage their medication and prescription collections better.

MedPoint was very much on my mind and the decision was solidified after I found collecting medication from my local hospital following a 10-minute virtual consultation near on impossible. The hospital was over 30 miles away from my workplace and closed before I returned home from work which was problematic.

To find the time to collect the medication, I had to change my work schedule so I could call by the hospital during its dispensary opening hours.

This made me realise that the patients myself and my team serve every day were very likely facing the same dilemmas when collecting their medication from Bolton Hospital.

What are the main benefits of your MedPoint?

By offering 24/7 prescription collection, a key benefit is the provision of real convenience to our patients. Prescription collection is no longer dictated by our dispensary opening hours and patients can come to the hospital at a time that is convenient for them.

I honestly believe that if there is capital and the space available, every Trust should consider installing a MedPoint, it really does make a huge difference to patients and staff.

Convenient outdoor location

Because of our MedPoint placement and dedicated parking bay, our patients don’t have to pay for parking, they are able to stop and collect within minutes.

As the machine is outdoors, we’ve reduced the need for patients to enter the hospital which has a positive impact on footfall and queues as well as with those who do not want to regularly enter a hospital setting or find it difficult being in crowed places. The machine affords a safe and stress free collection.

Less queues

The MedPoint being installed now means people don’t have to worry about pharmacy opening hours, they don’t have to queue, and can pull up at the machine itself utilising the dedicated parking area provided.

Another huge benefit for our staff is the reduction in queues within the pharmacy area; particularly during busy periods the volume of waiting patients could cause stress both for staff and patients, however, having the MedPoint has taken this added pressure away and increased staff efficiencies in other areas where time hadn’t allowed previously.

A solution to many pain points

The SOLO has been revolutionary for us, it has provided a solution to some of our operational challenges and addressed the frustrations we know our patient’s experience.

Many people find hospital environments difficult and unpleasant, so removing the need to re-enter has really benefitted many people, especially those who have chronic conditions.

No one comes to a hospital to socialise, they want to be in and out, so the fact MedPoint offers no social interaction has also been well received.

Happy patients and happy staff

People still know where we are if they do need to talk to us in person, the MedPoint doesn’t mean we are inaccessible.  Far from it really; the MedPoint allows us the time to dedicate to patients without the pressures of prescription hand outs taking up time.

Overall, MedPoint is not taking anything away from patients.  It is offering a new and better service which makes things much easier for both patients and staff.  Happy patients = happy staff. 

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