MedPoint’s Soaring Success in 2023: A Year of Innovation and Growth

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare technology, MedPoint has not only navigated but soared to new heights throughout 2023. Within this blog we’re looking back at some key MedPoint achievements.

As a certified Made in Britain automated prescription collection machine provider and partner to leading healthcare organisations, MedPoint has marked a record-breaking year, leaving an indelible mark on the healthcare automation sector.

Successful growth

The company has successfully installed over 50 prescription collection machines throughout 2023. This MedPoint achievement reflects not only the increasing demand for our innovative solutions, but also the change in the ever-evolving healthcare sector and highlights the need for local pharmacy, dispensing practices, and hospitals to provide their patients with an alternative prescription collection method.

Accompanied by a substantial increase in turnover, MedPoint’s position as a leader in the automated prescription collection sector is higher than ever, but it’s goal and ambition to optimise patient care remains unchanged.

Managing Director Gill Collins reflects on the remarkable journey, stating, “I’m immensely proud of the significant growth we’ve achieved in the past 12 months.  This journey reflects our team’s dedication, our commitment to innovation, and the trust our customers place in us.”

Welcoming new team members

A poignant note in MedPoint’s journey was bidding farewell to Caroline, a valued member of the team.  We are grateful for Caroline’s contributions, and the role she played in MedPoint’s success and would like to wish her luck in her new venture.

However, as one chapter ended, another began with a warm welcome to new hires Ra Pailing as Internal Sales and Office Manager, Gillian Gray as Customer Support Administrator and Kevan Carter, Tom Tudor and Michal Rycaj as Field Service Engineers with a fourth position in Scotland to be filled in January 2024.

The expansion of the team underlines MedPoint’s commitment to development and service provision to all customers.

Commitment to exceptional service

In an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service, MedPoint strategically splits its dedicated team between offices in Kirkcaldy and Lichfield, with field service engineers intentionally positioned to cover all regions.  This ensures that, no matter where a customer is located, a local and reliable MedPoint team member is ready to provide support when needed.

Standout MedPoint achievements

One of the standout MedPoint achievements of the year is the dispensing of 2.7 million prescriptions, a testament to the efficiency and trust placed in these innovative solutions.

MedPoint’s fully automated systems, empower pharmacists to free up much needed time to provide patient services, optimise space, reduce queues, and enhance patient convenience.

Gill said, “We’re continually developing and enhancing our product range.  The new SOLO 2 is in the final product testing phase and will be live at a customer site in early Q1.  MedPoints collaboration with Pharmacy Management Systems (PMRs) and Healthcare Apps has continued to develop, and we move into 2024 with more partnership discussions underway, enabling MedPoint to integrate seamlessly across all frameworks”.


The introduction of the MedPoint SOLO 2 stands as a pinnacle in meeting market demands.  The development offers a sleek design, unique configurability, and a lightweight footprint providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the industry, proving its efficacy in addressing rising costs and funding cuts.

A sustainable solution

MedPoint’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the efficiency of its automated prescription machines, with typical power usage around 250W, translating to approximately 6 units a day and a cost of only about £3.00 a day, based on the 2023 energy cap price of 52p.

Pharmacy First

In aligning with the Pharmacy First Initiative, MedPoint has reaffirmed its commitment to advancing healthcare accessibility and patient care.  Co-founder and Superintendent Pharmacist of Wellbeing Pharmacies Group, Kevin Murphy MPharm stated, “Now more than ever, healthcare providers are looking for automation solutions which will help them troubleshoot and operate in a more efficient manner.  Considering recent government announcements impacting community pharmacies, it’s clear that our industry is facing a pivotal moment.

As a Superintendent Pharmacist, I see the challenge of rising human resource costs amidst pharmacy closures, and the government’s push for technology investment to enhance productivity. Process automation, particularly through prescription collection automation, offers a tangible solution.

The productivity gains and financial benefits, especially with the permanent expensing scheme, make this an opportune moment for pharmacies to embrace automation as part of their Pharmacy First strategy.”

Looking forward

As MedPoint looks ahead to 2024, their growth trajectory remains strong, with 40 installations already planned across the UK, and six scheduled for January 2024 alone.  MedPoint’s journey is not just about numbers but a dedication towards excellence, innovation, and contributing to the evolution of the pharmacy automation sector.

In the words of Gill Collins, “Our growth is a testament to the commitment to excellence by every member of the MedPoint family, and I’m excited for the continued success that lies ahead.”

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