MedPoint on the Road: What Our Team Has Been Up To

Following what have been an incredibly busy 6 weeks, we wanted to pause for a moment and reflect on what we’ve achieved. 

On the road

At the end of September, we exhibited at the Dispensing Doctors Conference in Birmingham. The two-day event generated many exciting leads, and we met some inspiring individuals who are introducing 24/7 prescription collection systems to help free up time to improve what they do.

The following week, we exhibited at the first ever Scottish Pharmacy Trade Show. It was an eventful day and we enjoyed being part of the launch event. Again, we were thrilled to meet so many pharmacists who are embracing automation and want to benefit from the advantages of solutions like MedPoint.

Following the Scottish Pharmacy Trade Show, we were back in Birmingham for the annual Pharmacy Show. It was fantastic to be around so many pharmacists and there was an incredible atmosphere.

Over the two days, so many pharmacists and healthcare professionals stopped to chat with our team and told us they were ready to make prescription collection more accessible. We’re looking forward to speaking to them again and helping them better serve their communities with a MedPoint installation.

We also held a competition which was well received, congratulations again to Miles Nelson of Nelson’s Pharmacy who won the Amazon gift voucher. We’re looking forward to future events, it’s always great to be working toward an innovative future with the healthcare sector.

New updates and seamless integrations

This month we shared news of exciting updates available on MedPoint machines, including the ability to take contactless payments at the systems and interruptible scanning.

The contactless payment addition means you can now let patients pay at a MedPoint machine when they come to collect their prescription.

Interruptible scanning has also been added to enhance the patient experience, prioritising dispensing over scanning. Once your machine has been loaded prescription scanning can now be interrupted, so patients can easily collect their prescription whilst the scan is in progress, rather than waiting until the scan is complete.

We’ve also been working closely with EMIS and Titan to enable a truly seamless integration with their PMR systems. Ensuring MedPoint efficiently integrates with all existing Patient Medication Record (PMR) systems is extremely important to the whole MedPoint team! 

Sharing our expertise

NPA Conference

Our Managing Director, Gill Collins, was part of a panel discussion on ‘Using Technology and Automation Efficiencies’ at the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) Conference – Pharmacy Odyssey Services and Sustainability, held in Westminster The session was hosted by Fergus Walsh, BBC’s Medical Editor and was very educational and insightful.

Gill raised awareness on the importance of an accessible and efficient dispensing process. She shared extensive knowledge on the healthcare sector and MedPoint’s ability to create many efficiencies for all users.

Efficiencies including, increased patient convenience, reduced error rates, improved user and patient experience and time saved. Through time saved, pharmacists have further ability to deliver clinical services, time to manage rising costs and plan for the future.

Alliance Healthcare Panel

Earlier in September, Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Kevin Murphy, took part in Alliance Healthcare’s ‘Reset and Revive’ discussion panel. The panel, which covered how technology can be utilised to support the workflow in pharmacy, offered insights and useful information to community pharmacists across the UK.

Kevin shared insights on his journey as a Superintendent Pharmacist and how MedPoint has been embraced by healthcare professionals to offer increased convenience through 24/7 prescription collection. Along with all the additional benefits, such as retaining patients and attracting new patients through the increased convenience of a 24/7 prescription collection system.

Stay tuned

We’ll be back with more updates and reflections, in the meantime you can follow our social media channels. We’re on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. If you’d like to discuss installing a MedPoint and learn about all of the benefits, please get in touch.

Save time and resource

Automating prescription collections allows pharmacy staff to spend less time retrieving dispensed prescriptions and reduce patient waiting times.

Increase your market share

Get ahead of the curve and attract new patients by being the first in your area to offer 24/7 prescription collection