MedPoint Benefits for Alphega members

MedPoint is pleased to be an official Alphega Preferential Rates Supplier

How does MedPoint work?

3 simple steps


Place the prescription bag on any vacant MedPoint shelf. The bag is auto-scanned and links the prescription with the shelf number.


The patient receives an automated text with their unique MedPoint collection PIN.


When they’re ready, the patient goes to MedPoint, enters their PIN and collects their prescription.

How does it help you?

  • Minimal staff time to load the system
  • Save two and a half minutes per script compared to manual collection
  • A MedPoint study has shown a pharmacy with 1313 collections a month has freed up 54 hours of dispensing time
  • Gives you time to provide other professional services

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What MedPoint customers say

"What I like most about the MedPoint system versus others we use is the massive time saving when loading because the machine does the barcode scanning for you"

Bernadette Brown,

Cadham Pharmacy

"We simply load the prescriptions into the MedPoint machine and it takes care of the rest of it for us. The machine means there’s 24/7 access whenever our patients need it."

Pritpal Grewal,

Cornwell’s Chemists

"The fact that the machine was British-made appealed to me – I felt it would be easier to receive assistance with a machine which was manufactured here in the UK."

Pradeep Duggal,

Styvechale Pharmacy