A New Opportunity: Pharmacy First Matched Funding

In the ever-changing world of healthcare, innovation is not just about embracing new technologies but also about creating opportunities for growth and improved service delivery.

MedPoint recognise the important role of pharmacies in the community and as such, are pleased to announce a fund-matching initiative that aligns seamlessly with the Pharmacy First program in England.

Matched Funding

To support the capacity of pharmacies participating in the Pharmacy First initiative, MedPoint is offering a time-limited matched funding of the £2,000 up-front fee provided by the NHS.

This initiative is designed to empower pharmacies to build the necessary infrastructure for the implementation of new services.

By offering a fund-match, MedPoint demonstrates its commitment to supporting pharmacies in England and ensuring they can seamlessly integrate the Pharmacy First initiative into their operations.

Extra Incentive for Early Adopters

As an additional incentive, the first ten orders received and signed by Wednesday 31 January 2024, will receive an extra £1,000 fund-match.

This bonus is dedicated to supporting the implementation of 24/7 Prescription Collection, further enhancing the Pharmacy First Service provision.

This means that pharmacies taking advantage of this opportunity could benefit from an additional contribution from MedPoint of £3,000 towards a MedPoint system which is proven to provide a significant boost to pharmacy services and efficiencies.

Act Now and Secure Your Installation Date

To take advantage of this incredible opportunity, act now to secure your installation date in the first quarter of 2024.

It’s a limited-time offer, and early adopters stand to gain not only from the fund-matching initiative but also from being at the forefront of progressive pharmacy services.

So make sure you get in touch today and quote “pharmacy first”.

Why install a MedPoint?

Fully Automated System

MedPoint offers a state-of-the-art, fully automated system, reducing the likelihood of errors in the medication dispensing process. This automation not only ensures precision but also frees up valuable time for pharmacists to focus on personalised patient care.

Efficient Medication Management

With MedPoint, pharmacies can streamline their medication management processes, leading to improved operational efficiency. This includes accurate dispensing, medication synchronisation, and optimised workflow management.

Enhanced Patient Convenience

Patients benefit from the convenience of a bespoke medication pickup processes and 24/7 Prescription Collection. This not only improves patient adherence but also enhances the overall patient experience and encourages patient loyalty.

Full Data Management and Reporting

MedPoint doesn’t just automate processes; it generates valuable data for analytics and reporting. Pharmacists can leverage this information to make data-driven decisions, manage inventory, and improve overall pharmacy performance.


MedPoint seamlessly integrates with leading Pharmacy Management Systems (PMR’s) and healthcare apps, ensuring a smooth flow of information and enhancing overall connectivity within the pharmacy’s operations.

Terms and Conditions

This offer is subject to deadlines and compliance with specified terms, ensuring a fair and transparent process for all.

  1. MedPoint reserves the right to cancel the deal if terms and deadlines are not met.
  2. MedPoint will fund-match the Pharmacy First £2,000 initiative plus £1,000 monthly fee.
  3. This is not a cash initiative, the amount offered will be deducted from the final MedPoint invoice which is raised once the system has been installed.
  4. Match-funding is based on MedPoint list price.
  5. Offer will not be used in conjunction with any other offer/membership discounts.
  6. For this offer customers must sign the MedPoint proposal by Wednesday 31 January 2024 and pay the initial instalment within 14 days of invoice receipt.
  7. MedPoint reserve the right to cancel the deal if terms and deadlines are not met and revert order to full list price.
  8. Orders cannot be cancelled if terms and deadlines are not met.
  9. Offer is limited to one system per branch (if systems are purchased for different locations, the offer applies to all locations).


Save time and resource

Automating prescription collections allows pharmacy staff to spend less time retrieving dispensed prescriptions and reduce patient waiting times.

Increase your market share

Get ahead of the curve and attract new patients by being the first in your area to offer 24/7 prescription collection