A Look Back at Our 2021

A Message from MedPoint Managing Director, Gill Collins:

As we reflect on the past 12months and look forward to the next, I am instantly reminded of the MedPoint strap-line that now more than ever seems to ring true: Shaping the pharmacy of tomorrow.  British engineered solutions bringing prescription collection into the digital age.

Over the past 12months, MedPoint has gone from strength to strength developing the brand through attendance at trade shows in particular the Pharmacy Show in Birmingham where Kevin Murphy MPharm, Superintendent Pharmacist and MedPoint CCO took to the stage to present. Through social media presence, partnerships with organisations such as EdinPharm, Avicenna and Forte (to mention a few) as well as in various media articles across the UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland, we’ve gained new enquiries every month.

The MedPoint product has grown to include three ATM style automation machines and the UK’s first SOLO, ensuring that we are able to cater to all needs across the industry and offer more than a one-size fits all approach. We’ve also added to our team all to ensure that the service and quality remain at a high standard.

We firmly believe that our automation machines enable anyone who dispenses prescriptions to offer more choice and flexibility in their dispensing workflows and cater for a variety of prescription dispensing options, providing multiple benefits to both dispensers and patients nationwide.

The figures speak for themselves.  Looking at 2021 and the achievements of all our customers MedPoint units, I am truly proud:

  • 88K+ prescriptions dispensed
  • 35+ new installations
  • 40+ locations expanded into
  • 6 new team members started this year
  • 10+ new partners joined this year
  • 1 machine installed every 9 days in 2021

As 2021 is almost over, we thought we’d look back over and reflect on the last year. We’ve seen so much growth, have made strong connections and celebrated many firsts!

We can’t quite believe that were finishing the year with MedPoint machines located across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales!

Let’s start with January 2021

Back in January 2021 we were proud to have partnered with National Pharmacy Association.

As the year went on, we were lucky to partner with leading healthcare organisations, pharmacy networks, technology, and software providers across the UK – to enable further efficient ways for pharmacists to work, whilst improving patient safety and overall experience.

Our partnerships include:

  • Alphega
  • Avicenna
  • Edinpharm
  • EMIs Health
  • PillPacPlus
  • Positive Solutions
  • Cegedim Healthcare Solutions
  • Forte

February 2021

In February our partnership with Avicenna was finalised! The partnership meant Avicenna members were able to find out more and benefit from our solutions.

We also we started a recruitment campaign to extend our sales team so we could further support our growth plans across the UK.

February also marked the first pink MedPoint at Prospect Pharmacy Kettering! The installation has helped offer further convenience to patients, without increasing opening hours or resource at the pharmacy.

March 2021

In March, Willis Pharmacy in Scotland installed their first MedPoint machine! They now have two machines at two of their pharmacies.

We were busy with virtual events this month, and our very own Kevin Murphy took part at the AIM pharmacies virtual event to share information on MedPoint and why we’re dedicated to bringing prescription collection into the digital age.

April 2021

In April, managing director Gill Collins joined the team! Gill is helping shape MedPoint’s overall vision and strategic direction. Day-to-day tasks include overseeing future installations and working closely with healthcare providers globally.

April was also the month that we introduced a live web chat to our website so we could easily communicate with anyone wanting to learn more about our products and the benefits.

May 2021

In May we were busy finalising plans for several MedPoint’s across the UK, as well as the upcoming MedPoint SOLO installations. We welcomed a field service engineer, Ritchie, to support with increased demand and planned updates.

We were also planning for in person networking events, the Best Practice Show and the Pharmacy Show later in the year.

June 2021

June was jam-packed! We celebrated a milestone, our first installation in Ireland! Avicenna also installed their first machine at the Greens Pharmacy branch in Sunderland – this machine is the first in the North East of England.

July 2021

This month saw us welcome sales account manager, Marcus Ardeman. It was also the month we celebrated the first new MedPoint SOLO arriving at its home, outside of Oakfield Surgery.

The bespoke SOLO is fully freestanding and was designed as part of our Covid-19 response to enable rapid deployment with little or no building/planning works. The machine was even awarded InnovateUK funding to develop the concept further.

Another SOLO was installed at Lochardil Pharmacy and Travel Clinic, Inverness at the end of July!

July was also the month Browns Pharmacy in Solihull applied for planning permission for a MedPoint iSeries, which we’re delighted to say was approved and is now installed!

August 2021

August was a huge month for us, the first NHS hospital pharmacy MedPoint was installed at Leighton Hospital.

This installation helped support Mid Cheshire NHS Trust, allowing the hospital to maintain and aid patient access to prescriptions during a fitout. The machine has been very well received!

September 2021

We welcomed a head of software engineering Diego Galeota! From day one he helped assist with an ongoing software update for all MedPoints.

This month also marked the launch of MedPoint in Tamworth at Eason’s Pharmacy. The mayor of Tamworth Cllr Michael Oates attended and said the following: “The MedPoint technology is fantastic and means that shift workers do not have to make special arrangements to collect their prescription from the chemist.”

October 2021

We attended the Best Practice Show and the Pharmacy Show! Generating many new exciting leads and making connections in person. It was great to be doing in person events once again.

November 2021

Another exciting month as we welcomed marketing and ERP manager Kirsti Clifford. The team got together in person and to do some strategic planning for 2022.

December 2021

We know there’s still some of December left but we thought we’d look back on what’s happened so far.

This month saw M & A Weinronk Pharmacy mark their 50th anniversary with a MedPoint installation. Our MedPoint branded vans hit the roads at the start of December, be sure to keep an eye out for them!

What a year!

We’re incredibly grateful for all of the ongoing support we’ve received throughout 2021!

We’ve made some fantastic connections, witnessed over 20 installations, with many more in the pipeline, and are very proud that healthcare professionals all over the UK have chosen to work with us to create convenience and efficiency for both staff and patients.

We look forward to 2022 and hope to expand our presence even further.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to find out more about MedPoint and how we could help your pharmacy, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Looking forward to 2022, MedPoint is set to reach even bigger records highs, form more partnerships and develop the automation units further following the needs of our customers.

I very much look forward to working with you in the New Year.

Gill Collins

Managing Director

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